I love beautiful things, to let them fill my senses with their enchanting Magick. And I love Magick, having been a student of and writer on the subject most of my life.

In the creation of my wands, I have found the perfect synergy between the two.

Wandlore - the facts and history of wands, staves, caducei and the like - has been of particular interest to me in these past years, and I have handcrafted hundreds of unique wands, all from trees up and down the California coast where I live.

In addition, I believe true wands also include a crystal to concentrate and amplify whatever Magick that is being cast through it. (Most of my wandtips are indeed crystals, although I have used minerals, gardenstones, marbles and other materials as my "crystals.") You will also see short staves, divining rods (dowsing rods) and various objets d'art for sale here.

I hope you enjoy my work.